Zizou: An excellent op-ed piece

Read this excellent op-ed piece, En honor de Zinédine Zidane, by Darío Valcarcel from the Spanish daily ABC (ironically from one of Spain’s most conservative newpapers). I guess I think it is excellent because it follows much of my line of thinking on this issue. In any event, it is nice to see someone offended by (i) intolerance and (ii) winning at any cost. Don’t worry, I have come to terms with the whole thing. Soon we’ll be back to jamón conspiracy theories and other digressions. Take a deep breath, we’re almost there . . .



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4 responses to “Zizou: An excellent op-ed piece

  1. Eric's Bro (Ryan)

    i know i am the comment killer, but here is a really funny link related to Zidane (more the italian team)…

    check it out.

  2. eric


    That video ROCKS!!! Hysterical.

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