Zizou Zizou Zizou

Marca Cover: July 2, 2006

It doesn’t matter whether France wins another game in this World Cup. What matters is that Zinedine Zidane has demostrated once again what he is all about. Where was Ronaldinho? He may be the future, but Zizou is still Zizou. Zizou showed the Brazilians what it’s like to play Samba….during his last tango in Germany. Let’s enjoy what’s left of his final matches. Don’t retire him yet.

And by the way, I am rooting for France. Not because I particuarly like the French, but because I love that the French team is made up of immigrants. Rarely do immigrants triumph in Europe, and this French team (like the one in 1998) is an example of immigrants succeeding and becoming national heros in xenophobic Europe.

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  1. Eric's Bro (Ryan)

    i am just waiting for your posting… to see you come to his defense.

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