Diesel and Spring? That means Allergies


Most people love the Spring. In Washington, DC, Spring means cherry blossoms, beautiful flowers, and the first days of wonderful weather. Unfortunately, I have always suffered from allergies to pollen. This means flu like symptons, itchy eyes, asma at night, and a total aversion to being outside and to Spring in general. My solution? I moved to dry, desertified Madrid. The pollen count is much lower, and I barely notice any of the allegry symptons. But not this year.

In Europe people are moving toward using diesel. Diesel is more fuel efficient, less expensive, and less agressive when it comes to Global Climate Change. But, with all things environmental, there is a cost, and that cost is human health. Diesel fuel emmits tiny particles into the air, and when we inhale, these particles stick to our lungs. In Spring, the pollen in the air is inhaled and sticks to diesel particles in our lungs. The result is more people with allergies and greater allergy senstivity, all of this at shocking levels. To make a long story short, for the first time since I moved to Madrid 5 years ago, the pollen has found its way into my lungs.



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2 responses to “Diesel and Spring? That means Allergies

  1. and if you think a little pollen is bad for your nose, check this article out, Pretty soon well be at the same level as Mexico City.

    Arriba, arriba!


  2. Thank heavens that Spain signed Kyoto! They may even comply one day, in 30 years.

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