Un-Ringing the Bell – You Can’t


My friend and former Accounting Professor, Scott Eriksen, once told me “Eric, you can’t un-ring the bell.”

Once the bell has rung, no matter how hard you try, how much time you let pass, there really is nothing you can do to unring it.


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6 responses to “Un-Ringing the Bell – You Can’t

  1. …but if you try sometimes you just might find…You un-ring what you need.

    that’s my 2 cents about that

  2. hoestly. This may seem like a metaphysical question, or maybe an epistemological one.
    How do you make something that was one rung, un-rung?
    And why would you want to engage in such a seemingly pointless effort?
    Now, we’ve all had our share uf un-doings during our adolescence, but what what could have driven Mr. Eriksen to make Eric ponder on such a seemingly simple puzzle up until today?
    is it a simple puzzle as Eric and his proffesor declare? Perhaps Eric has not been searching in the right places for an answer.

    You see, normal thinking tends to go round and round in circles, looking in obvious places for obvious answers. Normal thinking also depends upon association to find solutions. When no apparent associations are found, the puzzle is considered impossible.
    Perhaps Eric has given up un on how to acomplish un-ringing his bell, but knowing Eric I’m sure with a little guidence he will find a more suitable solution.

    Enlightenment is brought about by introspection and insight.

    For example: did anyone hear you ring that bell?

  3. on another note, I have a question:
    is FON a Clut? a sinister Cult? It goes against all I ever leared from you. is FON a movement that has at least destructive potential to its members or to society? Do they take advantage of its members and engage you in unethical practices. Your attachement to the blueberry worries me. And your simple aproach to metaphysical questions is unlike I knew you. Perhaps you need to return to us in the states, at least until your belly is cleared of pork and wine.

  4. …mmmmm….pork. Any one want a kick ass receta para hacer fabada? Me sale de narices de verdad, no veas como me estoy poniendo toda la semana. Claramente aparte del nombre, el escudero de quijote y yo tenemos algo en comun…….”EL CUCHAREO”
    ….y nada mas que una buena holla con una cuchara de madera de olivo para calentar el alma.

  5. Chico, my Zen Master. You are the only person I know who can (i) make the sound of one hand clapping and (ii) imitate the sound that a tree makes when it falls in the woods and no one hears it. It no surprise that you could unring a bell.

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