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This Post is Not About the Elections

I think it’s time for a post that isn’t about the U.S. presidential elections. By doing so, I would probably even make my readers — who have been begging me to write about something else — a little happy.

While thinking of an alternative topic, I happened to run into my friend, Elio, at the gym. He led me to these two videos of him competing in the Spanish Wushu Championships. I used joke that the only reason I trained at the gym was so that one day I could beat someone up, and that when I was well buff and ready, Elio (who happens to be one of the nicest creatures on Earth) was going to be my first victim. Personally, I am no one to judge how good he is at Wushu, but after what I have seen, I think I am going to put my attempts at comedy next to my political blogging, temporarily at least, on the back burner.


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