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A Dose of Objectivity


When it comes to the presidential election — and I am sure this is obvious — I am not always that most objective interlocutor.  I often get carried away by what I perceive as the unfairness and ugliness coming from the McCain side, and with my background as an attorney, I react by piling up all of the counter-arguments and writing them in this blog. Then last night I watched the latest edition of the Bill Moyers Journal, thank God for Bill Moyers, and got a nice dose of objectivity.

Bill Moyers was interviewing communications professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson about dirty campaign tactics. When asked about McCain attacking Obama’s associations, she said that what was most troubling was not the personality attacks, but the misleading policy ones.

What I respond to more so than the attacks and counterattacks about who knew whom where, and why, are those statements that are fundamentally deceptive about something that matters when you cast your vote.

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