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She is like Us

Embedded video from CNN Video

I was watching the recent Larry King interview with Michelle Obama, and it made me realize that the Obamas are the ones who are the most normal and rational in this election. Not only does Michelle speak in complete sentences and give coherent interviews, she comes off like a normal human being, living in a normal country, with normal, common sense values. She isn’t fumbling or talking about killing and gutting animals, she isn’t the heiress to a beer fortune, defensive or an attack dog. She comes off as reasonable, gracious, kind, and genuine. In effect, she is “like us”.

If Sarah Palin or Cindy McCain, in contrast to Michelle Obama, represent small town values, then those values are foreign to me and not part of the America that I believe in. The contrast is startling. It’s ironic that white candidates and their white supporters open their mouths and come off like the radicals, while the black family better embodies who we want to be as a nation.

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