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Let’s Call the Whole Thing (Temporarily) Off

McCain says “tomato” and then he says “tomoto”, why not temporarily suspend the campaign so he can get his story straight? Remember last week when the economy was fundamentally sound? Now it is in such dire straits that he has postponed his campaign and tomorrow night’s presidential debates so he can crash his straight talk express into Washington and solve the problems afflicting his campaign.


Just look at the numbers of a recent Washington Post/ABC poll showing that McCain is behind by nine points nationally. Another two polls show him behind in Michigan. This isn’t the firs time, though, that McCain has reacted to an Obama lead by threatening to suspend campaigning. He did it right after the DNC Convention when he delayed the GOP Convention. The excuse then was bad weather, but we all know that the McCain team desperately needed to keep W. from speaking.

This also isn’t the first time that McCain has showed his rash, shoot ‘m up judgment on the campaign trail. Continue reading


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