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Who is the Real Radical


There is absolutely nothing radical about Barack Obama, his past or his politics. The only thing that is radical and continues to get even more radical, and frankly downright scary, is what is being said on the McCain Palin campaign trail.

In “Rage in the Town of Bethlehem“, Dana Milbank gives us a taste of the type of Atwater/Rove xenophobic fear tactics being implemented at McCain Palin rallies. In warming up the crowd for McCain, reports Milbank, Lehigh County GOP Chairman Bill Platt had this,

Think about how you’ll feel on November 5 if you wake up in the morning and see the news, that Barack Obama — that Barack Hussein Obama — is the president-elect of the United States, . . The number one most liberal senator in the United States of America was, you guessed it, the ambassador of change, Barack Hussein Obama . . . This election is about preserving America’s past and protecting the promise of its future.”


Barack Obama refused to wear an American flag on his lapel . . . Barack Obama, a man who wants to be president of the United States of America, removed the American flag from his chest because it was a symbol of patriotism. Perhaps Barack Obama doesn’t put country first, but he puts fashion first.

There is no need to mention that Vice President Cheney, the biggest proponent of the Iraq War, never wore a flag pin and neither Cheney nor W. ever served in the military. But, combine the above statements with Palin’s absurd notions that Obama “palls” around with terrorists, and we are left with a very shameful vision of what the country stands for. Continue reading


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