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A Republican’s Wedding Night

Is there any precedent out there, other than a Republican’s wedding night (Bristol not included) where a total lack of relevant experience is celebrated as a virtue? Why is this election turning into a made-for-TV movie? What is so wrong with this picture? Shouldn’t we all be disturbed?

Today, the New York Times wrote an editorial, “Gov. Palin’s Worldview” that very nicely echos what I have saying all along, including my specific concerns after Palin’s interview with NBC News. I think my friend, Jens, was right when he said that her interview skills wouldn’t last her three minutes in the Donald’s board room. In any event, I definitely recommend that you check out the Times editorial (which I am posting below). Remember that the New York Times endorsed both Hillary Clinton and John McCain in the primaries, in part on the grounds of experience.

If you happen to disagree with the editorial, I’d love to hear why. And don’t tell me that the press is elitist or that Obama is inexperienced. Both of those may be true, but neither make Palin remotely qualified.

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