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Kosovo: To Be or Not to Be; How and Why are the quesitons


Kosovo has finally declared independence from Serbia. This didn’t seem like much of surprise or controversy to me, but frankly, I am simply not that informed about the pros and cons of an independent Kosovo.

As a matter of fact, it all seemed pretty logical. After the fall of communisim, death of Tito, and civil war in Yugoslavia, a series of new states were born: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM (or Macedonia), and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In 1999, NATO forces attacked Yugoslavian targets, without a U.N. Security Council resolution to do so, to protect the Albanian-Kosovars. In 2003, Montenegro gained its independence, thus ending the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and giving birth to two separate nations: Serbia and Montenegro. So why is accepting Kosovo’s independence so controversial? Continue reading


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