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McCain is Glad to Have Hagee’s Endorsement


McCain made some very disturbing statements on this Sunday’s This Week. While McCain admits that it was probably a mistake to have accepted Hagee’s endorsement because of Hagee’s anti-Catholic rhetoric, McCain nevertheless says he is “glad to have his endorsement.” How can you be glad to have the endorsement if it was a mistake to accept it? Does he mean that he was glad to have made the mistake of accepting the endorsement? Then McCain even goes on to praise Hagee,

I admire and respect Dr. Hagee’s leadership … I admire and appreciate his advocacy for the state of Israel, the independence of the state of Israel.

Saying that you reject Hagee’s hate speech but love everything else about him is like saying that you reject the KKK’s racism, but respect its leadership and would be glad to have its support. Do you really think that John McCain can make such statements and get elected? Remember, McCain voted against both a federal and Arizona state holiday commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and has supported the Confederate Flag.

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