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It’s 3:00 a.m. and McCain is Still Dreaming


John McCain is running for president of the United States and he loves all things military. As a matter of fact, it is the one major factor that distinguishes him from the other candidates. He also seems to have more principles than Hillary, and I do respect the fact that he is trying to run a clean campaign.

But McCain has a big problem, and that problem is that he needs to keep the war alive in order to use his military experience as the defining reason in this campaign for people to vote for him. Beside him being wrong on staying in the war, he is wrong on the facts of the war.

During his recent tour of the Middle East, McCain repeatedly asserted that Iran was training Al Qaeda in Iraq. I suppose that in an attempt to show himself as presidential, McCain proved that he is about as knowledgeable about the Middle East as President Bush.

Some commentators have stated that possibly McCain’s gaffe was the result of fatigue from the trip. It’s interesting that Hillary should have endorsed McCain to be the one to pick up the phone at 3:00 am. After his Mid East tour, McCain would probably still be sound asleep, dreaming.


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