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Dazed and Confused

I just read, finally, a great op-ed by Frank Rich called “The Candidate We Still Don’t Know” that addresses the very point I have been making for a long time: the media is playing it easy on John McCain. No one is pressing him on his George W. Bush-like mental agility and missteps, his extremist friends and voting records, his policy changes for political convenience, and they seem to be trying to keep this race as close as possible.

McCain is a war veteran and former POW, but that is all we hear about him. No one mentions that he can’t use a computer or email, he often sounds  confused, or how Corsi (the guy who just wrote the anti-Obama book published by a famous Republican pundit) has also alleged that McCain has  financial ties to al Qaeda and Arizona mafia. And while the press questions Michelle Obama, we haven’t learned about Cindy McCain’s vast wealth and lobby connections.

What has recently irked me immensely, though, was John McCain’s speech the other day about the conflict in Georgia and Russia. McCain announced that he had spoken with the president of Georgia and said, “I told him that I know I speak for every American when I said to him, today, we are all Georgians.” Does John McCain or Barack Obama, at this point, have the right to speak for American people? Sorry, buddy, but you don’t speak for me.


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