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Don’t Call It a Comeback!


Don’t call it a comeback because it ain’t one. Since Super Tuesday, everyone had predicted that Obama would win a bunch of states up until March 4th, and then Hillary would win Texas and Ohio. And guess what? She did exactly what everyone thought she would do all along. While there was obviously no “comeback” and Obama continues to maintain the same pre-March 4th delegate lead, why is the press talking about little else? The press needs a close race and controversy to keep people tuned in.

But the worse thing about it all is that the Hillary team has not only played to the lowest denominator again, but it probably even thinks that being sleazy is what helped her fictitious “comeback”. The Clinton camp continues to think that we’re stuck in the Kenneth Starr 1990s whereby anything goes (including Hillary’s more than tacit endorsement of John McCain as being a better commander-in-chief than Obama — who harms their party that way?) and even the slightest critique is met with the “hey, that’s from the Republican play book” defense.

The fact of the matter is that Hillary’s attacks on Obama are not only baseless — especially those about character — but that few people are asking her the hard follow-up questions. She may have cried that the press hasn’t been nice to her, but they let her get away with her phony “comeback” and sham experience. Continue reading


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