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The Price We Pay for Cheaper Food

I just finished watching the latest edition of the Bill Moyers Journal about the politics of food with Michael Pollan. Forget about the economic crisis and the Wall Street bailout, America’s bipartisan, socialist (though it is government intervening on behalf of corporations not people) love affair with macro-farms is as interventionist as it gets.

The result of our government’s massive and ongoing intervention into the market to provide us with cheaper food is in reality much more costly than one would imagine. According to the Bill Moyer’s essay,

As “Time” magazine recently put: farm policy is “a welfare program for the megafarms that use the most fuel, water and pesticides; emit the most greenhouse gases; grow the most fattening crops; hire the most illegals; and depopulate rural America.”

According to Pollan, these policies have a dangerous affect our health: Continue reading

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