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Hillary’s Toast


It is said that good advice is when someone tells you exactly what you want to hear. In the same vain, I suppose I find Eugene Robinson’s columns so on point because I essentially agree with what most of the things he has written about the primaries. For exampe, I have often described Hillary’s false readiness as reflected in her inability to run a coherent campaign. In his op-ed today, Robinson writes,

Most striking of all, to me, is that the campaign still can’t settle on what kind of candidate Hillary Clinton should be. Does she now have to go negative, or should she try to hitchhike on the hope express? Does she project steely resolve or reveal human vulnerability? The campaign wants to convince voters that they don’t know who Obama really is — yet also insists on fitting Clinton with a new persona every week.

Robinson also explains how if Obama were in Hillary’s predicament, people would be telling him to abandon the race for the good of the party. Continue reading

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