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Brooks and A Little Balance to My Obamaism


To give a little balance to my forthright Obama support, I recommend you read conservative (yet extremely balanced) New York Times columnist David Brook’s satirical piece today entitled “A Speech to Delegates“.

He does a great job of poking fun at how ridiculous and over-the-top the DNC Convention and the speeches have been (even though I did see him at one point during the NewsHour’s live coverage in total awe of Michelle Obama). While I do think this particular line from the article is very funny,

No, this country cannot afford to elect John Bushmccain. Under Republican rule, locusts have stripped the land, adults wear crocs in public and M&M’s have lost their flavor. We must instead ride to the uplands of hope!

and I think he is totally correct to highlight the holes in the blind hope movement, there is nothing funny about what has happened to the country under Republican rule. There is no way around the facts.


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