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Pathetic All Around


Candidates cannot be everywhere (and often cannot stoop too low into the nasty mud slinging), so they need surrogates on the war path for them. Nevertheless, everyone should know their place. There is a reason why politicians do the talking and the strategists do the strategizing. Politicans are communicators, strategists are not (necessarily). Strategists plan, politicians execute the plan.

That was more than evident on yesterday’s Meet the Press where both Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod and Clinton’s Geoff Garin were horrendously pathetic. Not only were they so much worse to look at than Obama and Hillary, they both lacked the public speaking skills necessary to effectively get their bosses’ points across in a non-destructive manner. I don’t doubt their intelligence and worth to their respective campaigns, but as “visible” advocates, they were about as eloquent as a George W. Bush speech. The net result made both candidates look bad. Continue reading

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