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The McCain Palin Microcosm

How would you even begin to analyze the recent footage from Katie Curic’s interview with Sarah Palin? If you thought that predator lenders were evil in pushing mortgages on naive Americans who wanted homes but couldn’t afford them, imagine a national congressional veteran convincing a small town rookie (and attempting to convince voters) that she was qualified for a position light years beyond her abilities? You almost feel embarrassed for her, like she’d been tricked, fooled by the Washington insider.

Not only is she not qualified, she isn’t even ready for a televised debate. She gets all of her terminology wrong and can’t speak in complete sentences. This interview definitively answered my question. McCain is right to keep her from the press. Like Paulson who wanted us to have 100% faith in his ability to unilaterally manage the $700 billion bailout, McCain — keeping Palin from the press — is essentially begging us to have faith in his choice and not to vet her.


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