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In Praise of McCain Palin’s Sense of Humor

Yes, I know I am annoyingly pro-Barack Obama, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t praise the Republican candidates when praise is due. For example, John McCain was very funny on last Saturday’s Saturday Night Live. It’s a shame that his self-deprecating humor doesn’t come off more frequently on the campaign trail, another trait linking him to Bob Dole’s failed presidential attempt. While I did not like the Sarah Palin crank call, I think that she actually came across as much more likable, natural, and ultimately as a good sport. Quite the opposite of making a fool out of herself — though she did reveal herself and her team to be overly gullible — Palin was nice and genuine. In that sense, the Canadian pranksters totally failed to embarrass her.

And of course to plug my own candidate, I should mention that Barack Obama was very good on The Daily Show with John Stewart, especially when Stewart joked about the Bradley Effect:

JON STEWART: I don’t even know how to bring this up. Obviously, your mother is from Kansas, she’s a white woman. Your father African. Are you concerned that you may go into the voting booth and…
BARACK OBAMA: I won’t know what to do.
JON STEWART: Your white half will all of a sudden decide I can’t do this.
BARACK OBAMA: Yeah, yeah, it’s a problem.

It’s nice to see all of the candidate with a healthy sense of humor and ability to laugh at themselves. Kudos to all.


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