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Give Us More Credit


Yesterday I asked the question “how dumb are Americans“. A Washington Post op-ed piece had earlier claimed that Americans had lost their attention spans and were anti-intellectuals. Then today, Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, has written a counter argument. In some senses, I would agree with him. But, my original point was whether we’d let ourselves be dooped by the negative campaign tactics of Hillary. If you check the elections results of Wisconsin and Hawaii (that’s 10 consecutive Obama wins), it would seem that, for the time being, we aren’t as dumb as Hillary would have us believe.

Today the Nation’s article, “Clinton Takes the Low Road“, in explaining how Hillary has little left except to take cheap stabs at Obama, accurately highlights Hillary’s problem:

why can’t Clinton win on her own merits? Why can’t her campaign win caucuses, or highly educated voters, or compete competitively in red states? How have they failed to win a single contest since Super Tuesday?

Ruth Marcus also describes why voters aren’t stupid,

Voters aren’t foolish or naive; if anything, sometimes they are more cynical than is warranted about politics and politicians. Still, they are responding to Obama because of a yearning to believe in something. Telling them they’ve been chumps is not a winning message.

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