Why Lie about Election Results?

Isn’t it the epitome of stupidity to question the validity of an election you just won? Especially if you just won the election based on very small margins in a few key states and after every poll in every major news publication said you were going to lose big.

Of course, Trump is spinning this to be about 5 million or so votes that lost him the popular election. If there really were 5 million fraudulent votes isn’t it possible that many of those were in the decisive states where Trump won, like Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin? And isn’t it possible that those votes tipped the election in favor of Trump? In that case, is Trump willing to call for a reelection if voter fraud tipped the election in his favor?

In terms of just basic reality, it makes no sense that illegal immigrants would come out and vote and expose themselves to possible deportation. If you know anything about those who are undocumented, you know they stay as far under the radar as possible and avoid consuming or participating in public services or going anywhere where they may be confronted by the authorities. That 5 million illegal immigrants risked getting caught just to sabotage the election is absolutely absurd.

So why lie? I think there are four main reasons the President and his entourage lie:

  1. Small Penis Syndrome. You lie to yourself because you cannot face the fact that you are a very, very small man.
  2. The Emperor has No Clothes. You lie to your boss because that is what he wants to hear. Trump has never been employed. He has always been the boss and no one has ever told him he is wrong. So if you tell him what he wants to hear and it reinforces his narcissistic self-image as a winner, then you can keep the boss happy. In this sense, Trump will be the easiest president in history to manipulate. All you need to do is play into his ego.
  3. Testing the Limits and Alliances. You lie to see how far you can get lying, how much your fan base will accept your blatant falsehoods, and which news outlets and political allies will defend you no matter what you say or do. This is the test of committed tribalism. And so far he’s gotten away with it.
  4. Voter Turn-Out and Fighting Against the Inevitable. In both Bush 43’s first election and Trump’s, the Republican candidate won the election but did not win the popular vote. Trump arguably did worse than Romney yet was able to pull off the election due to the Electoral College. In order words, there is no real popular support or mandate for his policies. But as demographics continue to move against the GOP and its policies, elections will continue to be won by Democrats getting high voter turn-out and Republicans trying to make it harder and harder for Democrats to vote. One of the major reasons for the voter fraud lies of the past few years – and now even more evident with Trump’s massive lack of popularity – is to create enough hysteria to pass draconian voter suppression laws. The GOP simply has not other long term game plan to the White House. On the congressional level, they achieve the same by gerrymandering.

Personally, I think it would be interesting to get an independent panel (which we know will never happen) to review votes, especially in close states. But when that was suggested by Jill Stein with support by some people in the Hillary camp, the Trumpsters cried foul. Now ironically, Trump is questioning his own victory. Both amusing and scary.


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