I have this beautiful baby girl in my arms, my lovely wife on the other side of the bed, my two boys in the next room, all sleeping peacefully while Americans are voting to ban them from entering our country!

My in-laws are visiting. What do I tell them when they wake up and ask if my country hates them?

I am profoundly embarrassed and heartbroken.

I hope you are all real proud.




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2 responses to “Ashamed

  1. Not Friend Nor Family

    Why ashamed? You should be proud! America avoided voting in a completely corrupt, bent and “nasty woman” who could not care less about the US of A and the people who built it into a world-leading economic powerhouse. Your extended family can surely travel to the US -fine more paperwork and vetting, but don’t you think this is justified given what’s happening? It’s common sense! They will be welcome by all, regardless of which way they voted yesterday.

    • Look, I don’t love Hillary either, but it is hard to argue honestly that she is has committed any serious crime. Trump is a fraud, and there is n denying that. If you voted for him, you just voted for the country’s biggest fraud. The guys rips off everyone. Doesn’t pay his bills. Sell f-ing steaks and loses huge amounts of money. Got all of his fortune from his dad. You are just another person who let herself be conned. You’re like the old lady who went to Trump U. It’s kind of funny, kind of sad. They guy actually has no intention of being president. He just wanted to feed his ego.

      But forget that for a minute. What is justified about barring Muslims from entering the country? How many Americans are killed by the police per year or their lightening vs. by Muslim terrorists? That’s just basic math. I tell you what, if you can find me a problem that you don’t solve with the government regulating my life more, then I will let you keep America. You have Trump now, so it is your America. Own it. By the way, my wife and my children are not my extended family. They are my immediate family.

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