Why Don’t Republicans Love Obama?

Barack Obama

UPDATED: with links

Except for his skin color, Barack Obama has looked like the perfect Republican. On practically every issue Republicans say they care about, Obama has out-shined his predecessors:

  • Immigration: record deportations
  • Big Business: Wall Street bailout, record corporate profits, astronomical stock market performance, no prosecution of the Masters of Universe.
  • The Rich are Getting Richer: gains of the economic growth have gone solely to the wealthiest Americans and record low taxes
  • The continued dismantling of welfare
  • Decline in government spending — although largely unreported, including decline in deficit, and shrinking spending.
  • Continuation of Never-Ending-War, including increased use of covert force, drones, targeted executions.
  • Waging War in a record number of countries (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen). Not even John McCain could dream up so much bomb dropping.
  • Osama Bin Laden was killed and is still dead
  • Increased surveillance of domestic and international communications for national security purposes
  • Israel: Increased military aid to Israel paid for by U.S. taxpayers, unwavering support for Israel policies and actions, all while Israel has enjoyed growth of settlements at levels greater than under any other U.S. president — all of this despite Netanyahu having actively campaigned against Obama in 2012 (unprecedented of a foreign leader in an American election)
  • America still has more people behind bars than anywhere else in the world
  • There has been absolutely no decrease in Americans’ rights to bare arms. White guys can still walk around carrying guns, and stand their ground.
  • There has been no increase in American women’s right to choice. Both teenage pregnancy and overall abortion are down.
  • Same sex marriage is a victory for State Rights and against government intervention
  • Passage of a conservative, market-based health care plan promoted by a conservative think-tank that was first implemented by the 2012 Republican presidential nominee
  • Drill Baby Drill: U.S. is now the leading producer of crude oil in the world
  • Look Forward Not Backwards: a free pass for Bush administration officials, the CIA and the Defense Department for any number of crimes (torture, war crimes, destruction of evidence, …)
  • Obama is a family man with strong family values

So where is the Marxism? Where is the Shari’a? Where is single payer? Why is everyone around the world still drinking Coke and doing business in English? There’s plenty for Democrats to dislike, but not much for conservatives. So what is it exactly that Republicans find so problematic with Obama?


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