Note to the NRA

Note the NRA

If the Republican alternative universe wasn’t bad enough, if the basic numbers of how much worse gun violence is in U.S. than the rest of the world wasn’t enough, the NRA comes back to the American people with a serious look on its face to call for more armed people at school to protect our children. I’m sure it will be easy enough to vet them all.

After the Columbine massacre, the solution proposed by the NRA was for schools to post the Ten Commandments in the hallways, so you know, the kids would know that killing is wrong. You see, everyone else it to blame for guns deaths. Guns have nothing to do with it.

So it is no surprise that we get another sham response. But, as the above image that I just found posted on facebook clearly reminds us, you could put the school on a military base (where they have tanks and bazookas), and you are still not making anyone safe.

But, hey NRA, keep making these arguments. You’re only digging your own grave. Your days are numbered.


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