Gossip Girl R.I.P.


If you thought of me before as just another pseudo-intellectual, a poser, a pretender, a wanna-be. Well, it may be worse:

I admit that I have seen each and every Gossip Girl episode in its six season run, including the series finale that was televised on Monday night. I even admit that I feel a little sad that it is over.

My wife found Gossip Girl annoying, not because of its teenybopper-ness, but because after each episode I would go into an in depth (and annoying) criticism of each and every detail of the storyline: its formulaic repetitiveness, the bad acting, the dubious law applied to important plot turns, etc. My biggest pet peeves of the show were the following:

  • Serena’s constant pouting and poutiness. Please, spare me.
  • Nate being just so dumb, Rufus being just so dumb, Ivy/Lola being just so dumb, but mainly Nate being just so dumb
  • This is what a job/working entails: For Nate, putting on a tie and staring at the computer with a severe expression; for Chuck:  looking out the window with a scotch glass in his hand;  and for Blair: yelling a lot.
  • The Bass family may be real estate moguls, but Chuck only owns one hotel. So how is he soooo rich? The numbers don’t add up.
  • College lasted one season. Did they then graduate? Or was campus life just a losing storyline?
  • With the notable exception of a very well developed and executed Chuck Bass, no one had a personality.
  • Season 5 turns on an absurd premise: Blair can’t divorce Louis because of a clause in their per-marital agreement on her dowry which in real life would be completely unenforceable in New York courts, so why waste our time?

As my wife said at each roll of my eyes and each heavy sigh, “if you can’t stand it, then stop watching it”.

It’s not like I find the actors attractive enough to keep me tuned in.  My “I read Playboy for the articles” excuse was that I enjoyed the many aerial views of Central Park and the different New York City bridges, or maybe it should have been that I like to complain.

But the fact of the matter is that I kept watching and was entertained for the past five years, and that is what is important. That alone requires me to give a sincere “thank you” to the Gossip Girl cast and crew.

Thanks, XOXO


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