Le Oud Marocain

Some time last year my mother-in-law gave me a CD of Moroccan oud music with the title “Awtare d’or” on the cover. The CD contains seven tracks:

  1. maquamat
  2. taquassim
  3. nagumate chaâbya
  4. atlassiyate
  5. ahazij
  6. awtar chaâbiya
  7. Mizane

But there is no indication of who the musicians are. It is a shame because this is really fantastic music. What is so nice about this CD is that it combines the traditional Arabic oud with Moroccan drums, making for a great, upbeat sound. I have put together this little video of the first track so I could share it with you. I hope you will enjoy.



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3 responses to “Le Oud Marocain

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  2. THANKS – this is the CD we had as a background music in a small restaurant within the souk-area our last day in Marrakesh after a desert trip. No chance to get the CD that late in the evening at the FNA – but now, we have at least 10 minutes.

  3. Vida Juozaitis

    i agree.The oud player Saïd is fantastic. We bought the Cd in Essouira. I would also like to know more about his wonderful oud player and his back up

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