Dakka Marrakchia

No Moroccan wedding is ever complete without a Dakka Marrakchia possé. This group of musicians and showmen play a type of Moroccan music that hails from Marrakech (hence, the name) with African, Berber and Arab roots, and serve several different functions at the wedding. At the beginning of the wedding, they gather at the entrance and welcome the invitees with song and dance. Next, the accompany the bride and groom as they make their first and second entrances, and finally, they serve has entertainment at various points during the wedding playing their music, dancing, improving and engaging in other general showmanship.

The above video features a group as they are just getting warmed up at my sister-in-law’s wedding earlier this month in Rabat. The same group also played at my wedding. Believe it or not, I often replay the part of my own wedding video where they perform. I have even extracted the audio from the video so that I can listen to them on my iPad and stereo.

I was only able to film just a quick portion of them warming up, but they are truly great. I spoke with them briefly (in my broken French and non-existent Moroccan Arabic) to give the “tabarkalah alik” they deserved, and it was nice to see that they remembered me.

I hope you will enjoy!


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