My Year in Books 2011


While I thought that getting any reading done during my first year of parenthood would be close to impossible, I have actually been able to take advantage of my commute to and from work and my son’s nap time on weekends to get quite a decent amount of reading done.

So in the end, 2011 has been a pretty good year for reading after all, more so considering that some of my favorite contemporary authors published new books this year. Here is what I have read in 2011:

Of course with the trial and tribulations of parenthood (and a day job as an attorney), I do not have the time to write a review of each of these, though I do wish I could. Nevertheless, let it be said that I would recommend all of them.



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2 responses to “My Year in Books 2011

  1. Borja

    You’ve read War and Peace in 2011! Really? I read it when i was a teenager, i don’t think i’ll be able to do it today.

    I recommend The Shallows and The Steve Jobs bio, I find it increasingly hard to read fiction as i age, not sure why.

    Happy 2012 to you and your family Eric, will probably cross over the pond, let me know if you plan to hop by NY at some point.



  2. eric

    Yep, War and Peace, but I must admit that I didn’t love it. I much preferred Anna Karenina.

    I still love fiction, especially good fiction. I recommend “Freedom” now that you’re living in the U.S. It’s a nice critique of American society.

    I am also reading more and more non-fiction.

    Call me if you come to Madrid this Christmas.

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