The Tough Guy Who Won’t Take One for Team

I suppose it isn’t news that former President Bush arrogantly broke the law during his tenure in the White House, so it shouldn’t be news when he now admits with great bravado to having broken the law by personally giving the order to torture terrorist suspects.

As is so typical in our political culture chock full of politicians and journalists (the Cheney’s, Bush’s, Friedman’s and Brooks’ of the world) who worship warfare without ever themselves setting foot on a battlefield, how truly cynical for W. to pretend that he was tough enough to break the law to protect America when he never intended – nor will he ever be expected – to be held accountable for his actions.

And when Bush says that he would “make the same call again”, does he mean with the same legal risks for himself? Where is the courage if you didn’t even have to take one for the team?

Obama’s policy of “Look Forward, Not Backward” will assure that Obama too will be granted the same privilege of faux bravery and patriotism.

Isn’t it good to be the King?


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