The Threat of the 14th Amendment

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Nice parody of the ridiculous cry to change the Fourteenth Amendment.

Notice that these brain trusts never mention how this change (or the Arizona immigration law) will create a radical new burden on citizens to prove their citizenship at the beck and call of the state. Remember how incensed Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was when the police arrested him in his own home? Now imagine every single human being born in the U.S. trying to prove that his or her parents are legally documented? Would U.S. citizens need to get a passport before giving birth? Would all drivers and pedestrians walking down the street, regardless of citizenship, need to be able to prove residency at the drop of a dime? Heck, someone from New Jersey may sure look suspicious in Arizona.

And, of course, it goes without saying that by turning newborns into illegal immigrants, you don’t decrease illegal immigration; you just increase the number of illegal immigrants.

Every generation over the past two hundred years has made the same claims about the threats of immigration. And here we are today. The same Constitution, speaking the same language, and yet the same b.s.

Whenever there is the opportunity for the slightest fear, the brave Republicans come running to tell us to be scared out of our minds, and that fate of the nation is dependent on the following three step program: (i) restrict the rights of individuals, (ii) liberate the corporations, and (iii) send in the troops.



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3 responses to “The Threat of the 14th Amendment

  1. eric

    I think the idea that all problems can be solved by military force and restricting rights. The 14th Amendment “issue” right now is just plain silly. What is really scary and, I think, urgent is the radical surveillance state and, of course, the total disregard for civil liberties with the general willingness of the American people. Imagine what would happen if we had a real national security threat…

  2. ReWrite

    Its nuts…

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