A Tautology


From Tom Toles.



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5 responses to “A Tautology

  1. James

    Funny, the same guy who talks about Obama’s “Shadow Government” and then posts this …

    LMMFAOROTFLMMFAO … cognitive dissonance anyone?

  2. eric

    I don’t really see the in-congruence.

    The second amendment seems to be the only one that the right wing doesn’t want the government to limit, and the justification for limiting all those other rights (in favor of the shadow government) is war.

  3. James

    You really have no conceptual ability with the dangers of government, you’ve been too long interned in the tit feeding of the “Nanny State” mentality.

    It’s time for revolution. The only thing the left or the right, or any of the constituent MO-rons who support them, understand is more hypocrisy and deception.

    The 2nd Amendment; cure for Amurikan stupidity ~ bullets, 100% guaranteed inoculative efficacy.

    Jefferson and Madison will applaud when the body count mounts. Not withstanding, the planet needs relief from the burden of the herd. Time to lighten the load, all around.

    The good news is that the European varieties are already genetically inviable …

  4. eric

    I think one would be hard pressed to find any historical validity whatsoever that the original intent of the Second Amendment was for citizens to rebel against their own government.

    Regardless, the cartoon simply makes the point that the reality of the gun ownership is that lots of ordinary people have been killed, and tyranny is unaffected.

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