Brasil 1982

The best doesn’t always win. And it is certainly difficult to imagine a more talented squad than the 1982 Brazilian national team, even by today’s standards. Cristiano Ronaldo has nothing on these guys hairdos (or shorts).



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3 responses to “Brasil 1982

  1. James

    Pele`, Baggio, Zidane, Rooney … they’ve all done equally as well, if not more brilliant in a lot of instances; the goals aren’t that astounding.

    What is astounding about this team, is their selfless style of complete team play, the beautiful movement and play into space, coupled with some of the finest distribution and service you could see anywhere.

    Unfortunately, modern Brasilian teams have utterly forgotten all of these concepts and have opted for “egos with National uniforms”, hacks bordering on unskilled thuggery, diving prima donnas and a style of play so solo driven it’s patently uninteresting.

    And seriously, those shorts …. glad they’re a thing of the past. Football doesn’t need any help with it’s “divas with facial hair” image, and those “Daisy Dukes” … not necessary.

  2. eric

    A friend of mine today made almost the same point, saying that the problem was that today’s Brazilian players are all trained in European style soccer. So say goodbye to the good old days.

    Yep, too much info

  3. James

    Well, you can’t expect the “beautiful game” to be played without a system!!!

    It’s all about the maths!!! Creativity be damned, we’ve got a system. :/

    Art, in all forms, has died an untimely death.

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