The Lamentable State of Mainstream Journalism

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This is a nice job by Jon Stewart highlighting the lamentable state of mainstream political journalism in the U.S. Particularly revealing is the comment by Celeste Headlee where she says to the Rolling Stones journalist who revealed the McChrystal story, “you were obviously not worried about access in the future; I can’t imagine you are going to get it”. In other words, in the mainstream press, you don’t report on unfavorable news, lest you not be given access to the politicians in the future. Welcome to the White House. Easy questions, easy answers, easy access; become one with the propaganda machine.


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  1. Wa



    John Stewart, fundamentally the most interesting, and salient, political commentator of our time. Get ’em Johnny Boy, get ’em. HOORAH!

    Whomever the director of that Fux News program may be, he/she shouldn’t be fired for having the blonde dimwit on the show: he/she should be properly executed, swung from a gallows pole.

    Although, she has a point; Chairman Maobama isn’t really any different than a wanker/dink like Olbermann.

    The MSM real does epitomise suck.

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