On Entitlements and Health Care


If Israel is infallible, can’t do no wrongno questions asked — and has universal public health care, shouldn’t we, the American tax payers who so graciously shell out billions a year in our hard earned money to subsidize Israel, also get a public option?

On another note, if it is unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment for public money to flow to domestic religious groups, how does sending billions a year in tax payer money to self-defined religious states pass constitutional muster?



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2 responses to “On Entitlements and Health Care

  1. ReWrite

    Nice post

  2. James

    Seriously, how about we ask Saudi Arabia about that …
    The UAE?

    How many countries receive our tax payer monies for their military use, under how many different pretenses?

    Do I need to quote the numbers again?

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