Military Democracy


If there was any doubt whether the U.S. system of government had become a Military Democracy (as opposed to a representative democracy, constitutional monarchy, corporate theocracy), the president has proposed a freeze on discretionary spending. And guess what is non-discretionary?



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6 responses to “Military Democracy

  1. ReWrite

    Nice post. Obama is the same as the rest of them.

    I’m surprised you didn’t post on the recent campaign finance decision by the Supreme Court. Dark day for America.

    And for the record, I don’t think you have had a post in 2010 that wasn’t political.

  2. eric

    Actually, I am not sure I am totally against the decision. The First Amendment is a pretty powerful thing, and just because we don’t like the end result of the case at hand doesn’t mean that the precedent is necessarily bad. Take for example Fourth Amendment cases. Some one gets off because evidence was illegally obtained by the police. Of course, I don’t like the end result that a guilty person walks, but I do like the precedent that our rights under the Fourth Amendment are still protected.

    Otherwise, the Bush/Cheney now Obama mindset that the Constitution can be trampled based on a case by case basis when we don’t like the defendant will continue to prevail.

  3. Alberto

    Exactamente, la unica diferencia de Obama con el resto es que el resto no eran de ninguna minoría etnica, Obama si. Respecto al resto, más de lo mismo. El “Yes, we can” realmente era un “Si, podemos (hacerlo exactamente mismo que los otros)”.

    Otra oportunidad perdida….

  4. ReWrite

    That is kind of a faulty analogy. And actually have the completely opposite view of the 1st Amendment infringements that mention. And the posts on your blog, particularly those about the news and media, actually argue against your theory here.

    Alberto, si Obama es una oportunidad perdida. Si va a ser asi si cambian la ley sobre Campaign Finance.

  5. Kitapsiz

    One of the funniest parts of this “Military Democracy” aspect is how much of that money is used to finance, in part or in total, other nations.

    There are a number of countries, who spend less on their own national defense and military, than the U.S. does.

    And guess what would happen if we withdrew that aid? Think about it for a second. Then also realise that many of the these countries that receive our tax payer money for their national defense; are the same tards whining and whinging about our military presence around the globe.

    Yeah, European, two faced hypocrites.

  6. eric

    How about the fact that we are financing services and infrastructure in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, such services that we believe are essential for democracy to thrive in those countries but which are thought to be too socialistic for our own.

    Just plain stupid!

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