Resolution for 2010


After a record long intermission from Grave Error, I am back with my 2010 New Year’s Resolution. Now, I know I have mentioned before that this was not a political blog, was never intended to be one, that I would try harder to steer it back towards its more digressive origins, and that I have routinely failed at doing so. Nevertheless, for 2010, I am resolving to write less about politics. That doesn’t mean that I won’t slip off the wagon ever now and then or that politics are off limits altogether. Just that I will make a more conscious effort to concentrate more on digressions than on the absurdities of our political discourse.



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3 responses to “Resolution for 2010

  1. ReWrite

    that’s too bad, i prefer the politics… but fortunately i predict that you will not be able to comply w/ your resolution.

    Glad you are back!

  2. Actually, I agree with cugino in this respect.

    The political sphere is a no brainer/complete wash. poly-tiks; poly meaning “many”, tiks meaning “blood sucking parasites”.

    American politiks: two morons with mirror agendas to screw over the populace for their own financial gain, flinging shit at the other for their “ideological” differences; continually complaining that other reeks of feces.

    It only takes the intellectual acuity of a retarded cockroach to understand politiks.

  3. Alberto

    It´s clear that it´s not a politic blog….after this post, you´ve written 5 posts about economic, sport, general culture…

    Try to admit it, this is a politic blog…without intention to be it, but it´s.

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