On Nation Building


Regardless of what many of us think and the vision of our beloved Founding Fathers, it took the United States over a century to become a stable democracy. According to Rory Stewart, in the best of scenarios, Afghanistan can aspire to have the democracy of Pakistan in thirty years. In eight years, American tax payers have already shelled out $220 billion. Only 92 years to go.



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2 responses to “On Nation Building

  1. ReWrite

    Nice post.

    I was watching “Brick City” the Sundance Reality-Documentary series and there is a great scene during the aftermath of a shooting in Newark were some bystanders are freestyling. If there is a title to the song I am sure it is “Right Here,” but the lyrics basically said why should I go East when I’m on the Frontline ‘Right Here,’ I don’t need to go to Afghanistan b/c the Frontline is ‘Right here’ etc, etc.

    Anyway, my point is only that democracy is struggling in the US and reconstruction is needed in the US. The US should figure its own problems out before they go nation building.

  2. Nice try Rewrite.

    We do isolationist, and the whole frigging globe will be whining inside of month.

    Catch 22.

    Sure, we can leave the Middle East, and inside two years, the Taliban will have an army to rival Britain’s. We’ll have more dead in Europe and the U.S.

    Reconstruction? Oh, you mean “hope and change” Maobama who does nothing, only with better rhetoric than the previous pinhead?

    You can’t solve problems in America, because Amurikans are MO-rons. This society has only a mind for consumer consumption, conspiracy, revolving credit and “reality”. Facts need not ever apply here ~ especially if they require one to do some footwork to find out what they are.

    Has anyone seen a journalist lately?

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