Hello Goodbye

A simple cultural observation: in the U.S., you always say “Hello” when you casually pass an acquaintance on the street. In Spain, it is always “Adios”.


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6 responses to “Hello Goodbye

  1. HA!!!

    This just proves that Americans are far friendly than the Spanish.

    We wish to greet someone, a loose sort of invitation to open a line of communication.

    The Spaniard just wants you to go away, obviously.

    Quiet, it’s my lie and I’m running with it.

  2. eric

    Maybe it is just me they don’t like, and I write this as some lady just spewed a host of xenophobic slurs at immigrants, of which I could perfectly be included.

  3. What?

    But Europeans are so socially progressive?



    Open and welcoming?

    Surely, you jest?

  4. eric

    Apples and oranges.

    Not so socially progressive when it comes to foreigners.

  5. ?

    Then social progression has either been abated or abandoned, and all that is left is perception.

    No apples or oranges required.

  6. Yo siempre digo “hola”.

    Un abrazo amigo.

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