Extraordinarily Hypocritical


Barack Obama is “extraordinarily relieved” after former president Bill Clinton negotiated the release of two American journalists who had illegally entered North Korea after just five months detention. We are also supposed to express outrage at the Iranian government for detaining three Americans who illegally entered the border into Iran. But while North Korea is a filthy dictatorship and we are an apathetic democracy, it is hard to ignore the fact that we continue to cage people for seven years counting without evidence, trial, and in some cases without violations of American Law. If you want to keep score, it took our government six years to release a foreign journalist illegally detained without trial at Guantanamo.

The extraordinarily relieved Obama Administration would even like the authority to detain anyone it wants indefinitely without any recourse whatsoever. Meanwhile, these journalists must be extraordinarily relieved that they were detained in North Korea and not in Guantanamo or Bagram.



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3 responses to “Extraordinarily Hypocritical

  1. ReWrite

    Excellent post!!

  2. we are not officially at “war” with Iran or N. Korea….

  3. eric

    What countries are we “officially” at war with?

    Also, imagine a group of Iranians caught entering the Canadian US border? We give them the presumption of the doubt that they were mere tourists astray?

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