Press Gets It Wrong, Again


I can’t tell you how many times I read confident press reports about the fate of the May 31st Air France flight from Rio to Paris. Remember the story “Air France Crash Autopsies Suggest Flight Broke Up in Air” that was picked up by just about everyone and the mothers? Well, breaking news, the press got it wrong again. The plane crashed intact into the sea, and the sensors were not the cause of the accident. I shouldn’t have been surprised, I was forewarned.

Meanwhile, the press gave comparably almost no coverage whatsoever to the plane that crashed into the sea yesterday near the Comoros Islands, except for mentioning the number of French passengers on board. The doomed flight of 150 Africans must not seem newsworthy, at least that was until they found one miraculous 14 year old survivor the press could sell.


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One response to “Press Gets It Wrong, Again

  1. ::snicker, snicker::

    Heaping helping of “reality”. Love it, absolutely love it. Best ever, hands down.

    Hmmmm, time to start checking the tinfoil hat sites, there has to be a conspiracy a brewin’ in this mix … WBO or IMF style, everyone knows the U.N. is far too impotent to pull anything of this nature off, especially twice in a month’s time.

    Viva la Realta`!!!

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