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Would it be racist to assume the obvious: that just one single non-white justice during the Supreme Court’s first two hundred years would have reached a better judgment, say, in Dred Scott or Plessy than the Court’s first 100 exclusively all white male justices had?


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  1. Non sequitur.

    It is, as I have become lugubriously aware, a foregone societal conclusion that to be white, leaves one in a default and exclusive position of being racist.

    The commentary by Sotomayoron, was flatly, unequivocally ~ racist, without possibility of rebuttle.

    She is, for more than just this reason, a very poor choice to defend the “spirit and intent” of the world’s greatest document.

    But since Bush & Cronie, Co. bought the SCOTUS, it is a rather moot point now.

    Rome will, oh yes it will, burn yet again.

    I’m bringing the steaks, who’s got the midget pron???

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