Jesse Ventura on Torture


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6 responses to “Jesse Ventura on Torture

  1. A rather strange voice of reason in an otherwise irrational country.

    Very curious. Viva la Ventura!!!

  2. eric

    Very curious. Not that Ventura sounds reasonable, but that he is one of the only ones.

  3. Get this book:

    “How We Decide”, by Jonah Lehrer.

    After a brief 260 pages of pure cognitive neuroscience lucidity, you will understand why.

    I’ve read it, more at devoured it ~ I thoroughly despise every word on every page of the book. It has a very emotionless way of letting you know, in no uncertain terms, why we are all shoddy thinkers ~ and the failure of “experts” in everything from the stock market to politics to parenting and teaching.

    There is no need to wonder any more at the failure that America was surely to become ~ it is empirical precision at its utmost entertaining.

    Viva la Sapientia!!!

  4. eric

    It’s incredible that the majority of what we believe to be reality in the world, for example with regards to our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is pure fiction.

  5. Human perception is dictated to model a specific version of “reality” so as to keep us on the genetic imperative.

    Anything else, would void our committment to biochemical immortality.

    “Humanity” is the most poetically ludicrous tale every told; but everyone loves a great plot full of twists and mood changes.

    Viva la Hominid!!!

    We are the greatest fiction, without equal.

  6. P.S. I forgot to mention the upside of being a hominid:


    Score!!! Yeah Baby, THAT is why we are the apex predator; either that or the “Know Thyself” thing just went way too far genetically …
    Hey, it’s all on the blind gunman, so who knows?

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