Catching Up


I spent the last seven days in Rabat, Morocco, and am now spending my Saturday trying to catch up on a week’s worth of podcasts. Although I don’t always think that Leonard Lopate asks the right questions, his show is definitely one of my favorites. Just take a look at the breadth of topics that I missed:

  • Globalization of the Financial Crisis
  • Child Soldiers in Burma
  • The Match Monopoly of the Great Depression
  • Cost of Global Warming
  • Daniel Barenboim Interview
  • Urban Exploration
  • The Ongoing Conspiracy to Christianize the Military
  • Accountability in the American System
  • The Brooklyn Food Conference
  • Jazz Improvisation


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5 responses to “Catching Up

  1. 7. The Ongoing Conspiracy to Christianise the Military.

    LMMFAOROTFLMMFAO … what a load of unmitigated stupidity.

    This is why listening to anyone who represents any part of the media is an error.

    There is no such thing as a conspiracy. Let me repeat: there is no such thing as a conspiracy. There are only slightly different operating modes of human behavior.

    When I was in the Air Force, (maybe you should tell ole Leonard to actually talk to someone in the military), every major religion was represented.

    Allow me to explain: by represented, I mean the military makes available nearly every type of priest, preacher, minister, rabbi, etc., etc., whatever they ignorantly call themselves.

    In no manner is anyone allowed to defame, degrade, denounce or otherwise diminish the “cultural and/or religious values of another service member”. First step, written reprimand, next written reprimand with forced duty, reduction of rank and/or grade and social reconditioning, and finally, Article 15 as unfit to serve.

    1. is a “yeah, so what, America sneezes and the world gets a cold.” We have the dominant currency in the world market. Primarily because it is far and away the easiest to counterfeit. 2/3’s of all U.S. currency remains outside the U.S.

    2. That sounds like a Burmese problem, so they should work on doing something about it.

    3. It could be interesting; if it came from someone who was capable of finding and disseminating referenced facts.

    4. Global warming … hmmmm, Eocene and Pleiocene thermal maximums maybe? Selling perception maybe? Did he happen to mention what the outcome of a globabl warming event has been historically proven to be? I doubt it.

    5. I don’t know Daniel.

    6. Urban Exploration ~ bollocks and who cares.

    8. Accountability is antithetical to any American system; status quo.

    9. Brooklyn food … Mmmmm, I’ll take that one.

    10. Jazz? To each their own, not my style.

    Cugino ~ stay away from any/all media, it causes irreversible neural decay and eventual brain death. Look at what’s happened to America? Journalism died, media took its place; the populace is borderline mongoloid.

    Byline: OSU released a study that showed actually IQ decrease caused by too much time on MySpace, Facebook and any like media.

    Twitter = certifiable retardation.

    READ MORE BOOKS!!! Dr. David Comings, “Did Man Create God?” is a fantastic work of reference supported empiricism. Viva la peer review!!!

  2. eric

    The establishment media is increasingly more difficult to take. It’s hard to find credible most of what we’ve been spoonfed for the past 30 years.

  3. Agreed.

    The media has greater control over the populace’s minds than the government could ever hope to instate.

  4. ReWrite

    I tried listening to him on the way back to Brooklyn and couldn’t get into him. But then again, I didn’t like the subject matter. Do you have a specific episode you recommend?

  5. eric


    I agree that sometimes Lopate’s interviews miss the mark, but the idea is to be exposed to some subject matter that you would not normally be into. But the one about the Cosmic War (which I embedded into an earlier post) was very good.

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