Just How Bad is Spanish Journalism?


Here we go again. Today in an article in the major Spanish daily El Mundo on how the Feria de Abril (a yearly festival in Seville) is being celebrated in Beijin, Rocío Sáez ,with what I assume to be the permission of El Mundo’s editorial staff, dubs the event the “Feria de los ojos rascados” or the “slanty-eyed” version of the Feria.

We can argue to death whether this is racism (yes, you can be racist without intention), gross cultural insensitivity, or pure ignorance. But no one can deny that after the entire debate last summer about the Spanish men’s olympic basketball team’s gesture towards the Chinese, reported in El Mundo, you have to wonder just how dumb the El Mundo staff must be to fall into the same trap. Or just how poor the state of journalism must be over at El Mundo these days.

I am also getting tired of repeating this over and over again, but we are not caricatures.


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  1. ::chuckle::


    Hominid brain: biochemical discrimator/comparison mechanism.

    + developed linguistics


    A loop: You became what you are because people treated you as if you already were, and the more they treat you as whatever that is, the more like it you will become.

    Courtesy, the Cerebral Juggernaut:
    Tabula Rasa

    Everyone, every human, is someone else’s cerebral gimp, or caricature, if you prefer.

    Welcome to humanity!!!

    MMMMMmmmmm, taste the humany goodness!!!

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