Love Them Pirates


Come on, you gotta love them Somali pirates. As if cavemen in Afghanistan weren’t enough of a threat to the U.S., now we have the U.S. Navy and even the FBI intervening off the coast of Somalia. Do these guys look like much of a threat? Unfortunately, the U.S. has yet to evolve from the Cold War. We may have won (even though American capitalism is unsustainable without a little help from our communist friends in China), but our national defense still thinks the battle is on and it’s all or nothing for or against us. In the meantime, certain countries have fallen in between the geo-political cracks, states have failed, and we get these Somali pirates asking for their tiny share of globalization. Somalia might not exist as a country, but you still have to pay the piper to get your goodies.



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4 responses to “Love Them Pirates

  1. WOW.

    You can’t be serious? Really?

    First point: China is not a communism. Communism is an economic model, not a political model. It was a socialist state at one point, but has moved more towards fascism. It’s economy is moving towards weak capitalism
    … ::gasp:: ::shock:: ::eek::

    Somalia is an ungoverned rogue state, which makes them a free target for anyone. They are obviously a threat, and although this is currently popular in the media, making it look like a newer scenario, it has been going on since 1991.

    The fact that Africa, much like South America, insists on remaining in the dark ages, does not mean that it requires empathy or sympathy for the situation.

    These pirates should have two nice, jacketed rounds dropped in the back of their skulls at every opportunity, dump the bodies for the sharks and then their heads mounted on pikes all along the Somalia coast, as a friendly message.

    It’s amusing to hear people rally around anarchist behavior; right up until the wailing starts when they find themselves caught in the same situation.

    You wouldn’t survive an anarchy. Careful what you wish for, cugino.

  2. ReWrite

    Another excellent post Eric

  3. eric

    Somalia, as I understand it with no gay marriage and no abortions, and no government intervention or regulation the Republican panacea.

  4. It would be rather hard to produce legislation for/against anything, without an established government.

    That isn’t Republican or Democratic … it’s anarchic, making it a rogue state.

    One of those rules of the modern world … government required; just in case you can’t play nice with the other kids in the sandbox. Accountability and all that, you understand.

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