My Uncle on Meet the Press


I have a Sunday ritual and it has nothing to do with going to Church. Every Sunday evening (GMT+1), I watch the Meet the Press video podcast and the online streaming version of This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Last week was no exception, but when Meet the Press host, David Gregory, said the following:

I want to turn to this issue of political will more generally. Governor Schwarzenegger, this AIG mess is in part about American’s frustrations.  They don’t know who’s protecting them anymore.  They don’t know what to believe in anymore.  They feel like government’s letting them down, they feel like the financial system and industry is letting them down.  A lot of people upset with the media as well.  The Asbury Park Press in New Jersey, on the shore there, wrote this in an editorial this week:

“Here’s the one part of the bailout that makes our stomach churn”–this was an editorial–“churn the most:  None of these guys are in prison.  You can rob a bank out of desperation and end up with 10 or 15 years in jail.  You can rob a nation blind out of pure greed and get nothing but a tongue lashing. Something’s got to change.”

Now, nobody at AIG is accused of any wrongdoing or committing any crime, just bad judgment at the very least.  Where do Americans go for accountability for all this?

I hadn’t put two and two together and realized that the quote comes from Asbury Park Press editor, Randy Bergmann, my uncle.



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3 responses to “My Uncle on Meet the Press

  1. Aww man cugino, don’t do this!!!

    You know how easily he gets the big head, next he’ll be wanting syndication on MSNBC/CNBC/CNN or worse yet … the abhorrent FOX-**coughcoughBScoughcough**-“News”.

    You watch, he’ll be sporting a Valentino and Fedora, smoking Cubans, wearing white patent leather shoes … I’m making the prediction now. You owe me 5E when it happens.

    NEVER, EVER help a Boomer with ego promotion!!! It is chaos inducing, at the minimum.

  2. eric


    You called it, but come one … sometimes you got to throw a dog a bone.

  3. Fine, fine, be the destroyer … sheesh, going to start calling you Cousin Chaos, master of the impending apocalypse …

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