The Great American Irony


The Republican tax cut hoax, costing future tax payers billions in indebtedness is not the only ideological sham of American history. As the Chinese government now questions whether it should continue to finance American debt, Robert Scheer on Left Right and Center, just made the very true observation about the irony of American capitalism needing to be bankrolled by its Cold War nemesis the Chinese Communist Party.

For all the talk about how great it was that Reagan won the Cold War, the fact is that China is run by the communist party that was our sworn enemy in the Cold War, and we were told that if we don’t end their reign the world will never be safe. And [now] we are depending on the Chinese communists to save the world’s biggest capitalist economy. They evidently invested wisely. They still seem to have a growth rate. And I think that is one of the great ironies of the last fifty years of history. And I think [Wen Jiabao’s] point was valid: [the Chinese government] invested a lot of our money in [U.S.] treasuries, do [Americans] know what they are doing? Are they solid? Are they serious?



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3 responses to “The Great American Irony

  1. They aren’t communist, hype label; they’re a socialism bordering on violent fascism.

    The Chinese have no room to talk about anyone knowing “what they are doing”, everything they produce is toxic. Check out the latest about drywall loaded with sulfur … half the state of Florida is going to have to be redone with quality gypsum board. Which won’t be able to come from China, they don’t do quality.

    Who are you trying to kid here? The Chinese questioning us? Mercury, lead, asbestos, cyanide, sulfur … they are the worst producing country on the planet.

    It won’t be long, they’ll be happy they invested in U.S. treasuries; their market won’t stand for long.

    Are they serious? Questioning anyone? No standards for their own people, the worst quality of any products made in the world, and the avarice of their countrymen is something that American white collar criminals envy.

    China, pffffft, laff. They’re a joke, of the most pathetic kind.

  2. eric

    What’s interesting, though, is that apparently the U.S. in the 19th Century — right when we were beginning our economic growth — was accused by the Europeans (and rightly so) of the exact type of things that we now accuse the Chinese of: substandard, defective and harmful products.

    In any event, if China is so “questionable” why has the U.S. economy been so dependent on them for so many years?

  3. Dependent?

    I think you misunderstand. “Dependent” means “needed for aid or support”. The avarice that has destroyed the economy, by outsourcing for substandard materials/goods/services, was not a “dependent” situation. It was simply the means for eliminating jobs and benefits in the U.S., which allows the privileged entitlement suits to continue their onslaught on the middle American. I worked for 5 years with individuals from India; they epitomize the Asian substandard principle. Everything they do is overtime, overbudget, substandard and unworthy of any pay. But they’ll stay at work for 14 hours a day and make it look like they do something.

    Here’s a classic example of the deception of “economic dependence”: Levi jeans. Used to be a quality product. Now their products are ass. But the catch is in the fine print. The jeans are made in Bangladesh, India … from American cotton. Now follow this line of “economic logic”:

    1. Cotton grown in the U.S. is shipped to India for textile production.

    2. Produced textiles are fashioned and then shipped to Mexico where labels/zippers are put on.

    3. The finished goods are shipped back to the U.S. and dispersed for retail consumption.

    4. The finished material traverses the globe 1 1/2 times, (twice by sea vessel, then train, then semis) … and this “saves money” is how the story is told.

    But for whom is this beneficial, economically? The American worker? Hmmm, nope, they lost their employment, their benefits, their retirement … so maybe you need to follow the money. Take any product, insert the country name “China” and you have the exact same scenario repeated, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

    The commentary of the “early 19th century” is a joke right? You do realise how far out of industrial standards that was then? How little actual “technology” or “production standards” existed? Don’t try to pan that garbage off on me. This is 2009 and China is knowingly doing what they have always done; deceive and defraud, poison and toxify, all for bigger profits. They have changed nothing in their modus operandi since the first days of the courts of the Dragon Throne.

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