That’s Exactly What We Need


I just saw an ad for the new Ford Flex. What is Ford’s response to the American auto industry’s dire outlook? A seven-seater SUV. Yes, another bigger, un-exportable vehicle is exactly what the U.S. needs for energy independence and economic survival. Unless, of course, energy independence is merely a ruse, a political gimmick, a distraction while government continues to dedicate citizen resources to enrich oil companies, resurrect the auto industry, and perpetuate consumer waste, aka the American Way of Life. That’s not all, the new Ford Flex has refrigerated cup holders in each of its three rows to keep our obese sodas perfected chilled while most likely sitting solo in traffic on absurdly long commutes. That’s exactly what we need.



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7 responses to “That’s Exactly What We Need

  1. There’s also the fact that a number of EU nations and automotive producers have actually made strong progress with diesel engineering.

    Which these ninnies in the States won’t have anything to do with ~ “it reminds them of farm equipment and semis” is the Ford excuse.

    What is Ford selling in the EU? The ECOcentric, which gets up to an estimated 63 MPG on the newer/lower sulfide diesels … but you won’t find it in America.

    The reason Ford has this vehicle, and is able to market it, is simple: The average American consumer is a status driven MORON, that will never change.

    Fortunately, nuclear fire does cure stupidity, so there is an out.

  2. eric

    Now, a huge percentage of European cars run a diesel. Diesel is more fuel efficient and it better for protecting against climate change. Unfortunately, it is not so good for those of us who suffer from allergies — the diesel particles stick in your lungs onto which pollen sticks. Diesel also used to be much cheaper in Europe until everyone switched to it.

    I think for Europeans the two most important factors are size and fuel efficiency. American cars simply do fit on European streets or in parking lots. Ford does sell cars in Europe, just really small ones.

  3. With regards to America, the only consideration is status. The whole economic and climate situations are of no real concern to the American consumer, outside of PC lip-service.

    Biodiesels have actually been improved, even here in the U.S. There is an experiment by a University, (I can’t remember, either in Penn. or WV), using the CO2 from coal burn off for the promotion of growth of algae for use as biodiesel. It is working out fabulously ~ but will end up virtually unused.

    Think about it cugino; why is there a new model year of automobile by every producer of automobiles in the U.S.?

    Status. From ’88 – ’00 there were virtually no engineering advances in U.S. automobiles; refinements of existent technology, but no forward advances.

    Literally, since the ’70’s nothing has changed with regards to mileage. We are still in the 20 – 30 MPG range ~ and it is by design. Well, more appropriately, a total lack of redesign towards efficiency.

    Ford, Chrysler, GM all know, all too well, that the American consumer doesn’t do research and that their intellectual apathy is so deep, it’s all about perception and aesthetics.

    The American consumer is no different from a bonobo or a chimpanzee … give them some shiny trinket and they go wild; try to take it away from them and they throw a fit.

    Seriously, The Stupid … it burns.

  4. eric

    You’re completely right! Technologically, there has been no real innovation, and if you look at the ad for the Ford Flex, it is the “Headturner”. Come on!

    Remember, also, that the politicians tells us that any innovation in fuel efficiency is somehow an attack on patriotism. Like Zombies we follow.

  5. Remember, also, that the politicians tells us that any innovation in fuel efficiency is somehow an attack on patriotism.

    This is something that I can’t wrap my brain around; what kind of a PR propaganda campaign is this intended to be?

    Making fuel more efficient and less deadly to the biosphere is unpatriotic? Sooo … following that line of “logic”, brazen stupidity is the most patriotic?

    Like Zombies we follow.

    Oh how you play right into my hands cugino, (okay, technically not my hands, but rather the great master, Niccolo Machiavelli):

    “Perche non e titoli gli uomini, ma gli uomini e titoli”.

    Ahhhhhhhhh, it’s like breathing fresh mountain air.

    Humans are so easily duped in the face of so-called “authority”.

  6. eric

    “Give them opium, let them sleep and dream.”

  7. Unamuno’s “Saint Emmanuel the Good, Matyr” … might be interesting, from the literature critique.

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